Reproducible Research Oxford

Laying the groundwork for a culture of research reproducibility

Laura Fortunato |

project aims and activities

The project is led by Laura Fortunato and coordinated by Malika Ihle.

Reproducible Research Oxford (RROx) is the local network of UKRN, the UK Reproducibility Network, at the University of Oxford. We are a University-wide initiative focused on advancing the open research agenda at Oxford. The overarching goal is to promote a coordinated approach to open scholarship and research reproducibility that extends to all disciplines.

Our Steering Group works with key stakeholders across the University towards this goal. We also coordinate several related events and initiatives throughout the year, and we maintain a list of relevant resources at Oxford and beyond. Our activities are supported by an inter-divisional award from the University’s John Fell Fund.

Visit RROx’s webpage for more information.

UK map with location of institutions
Location of institutions signed up to UKRN (2020-06-11).