Shai de Vries

MLitt Student | they/them

I am a DPhil (PhD) candidate working as part of the Calleva project. Although I currently work within the Anthropology department, I have worked in different fields as well and consider myself a behavioural scientist. I hold a BA in Psychology and an MSc in Behavioural Science from Radboud University, where I worked with Dr. Willem Frankenhuis.

I am interested in how human social groups affect social behaviour. I am working on several meta-analyses related to this topic in order to see what we can learn from all the studies already out there. I think it is important to integrate knowledge from various disciplines, and I enjoy working with a group of people from many different backgrounds, like Anthrologue. I value open and reproducible research practices, and I enjoy talking to other researchers about ways to integrate these practices into their projects.

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selected publications

For a full list of publications, see
  1. Hidden talents in harsh conditions? A preregistered study of memory and reasoning about social dominance Frankenhuis, W., de Vries, S., Bianchi, J., and Ellis, B. Developmental Science 2020 journal abstract bib
  2. Does exposure to psychosocial adversity enhance deception detection ability? Frankenhuis, W., Roelofs, M., and de Vries, S. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences 2018 journal abstract bib