Ilse Pit

DPhil student | she/her

I am DPhil candidate in Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Oxford. Before moving to the UK in 2019, I obtained a BSc in Psychology (2014) and a MSc in Behavioural Science (2017) from Radboud University in the Netherlands.

For my PhD I research the evolutionary functions of social norms. I mostly employ experimental studies, in which I investigate the effect of norm violations on intra- and inter-group cooperation and perception. I value open science practices, and aim to make my research transparent and reproducible.

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selected publications

For a full list of publications, see
  1. The Semantic Scale Network: an online tool to detect semantic overlap of psychological scales and prevent scale redundancies. Rosenbusch, H., Wanders, F., and Pit, I. Psychological Methods 2020 journal abstract bib